I, like many others, sometimes fall in the rabbit hole of spending more time selecting a movie, than watching a movie. It’s terrible. I absolutely hate it. Yet I cannot simply stop this habit. Why would I want my time to go to waste on a subpar movie? But that doesn’t make sense when I end wasting two hours just finding the right movie… The worst thing about is that, I simply can’t change this habit. So, are there other ways I can select a great movie to minimize this wasted time? Let’s find out.

Me and Filmmaking

To put…

Newton famously said: “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”. As the NBA develops from its 1946 beginnings, It’s interesting to see how the game and its pool of talent developed.

As basketball innately is a sport that is kind to people who are tall so they are able to scoop the ball into the net easier, I want to see if this is still the case in its 60-year development.

I want to find out if height and weight are becoming less important by the years with the increasing importance in shooting…

The Boys and Girls Club of Conejo Valley kept their doors open during the frightening and unclear start of COVID-19 in their branches around California. A feat that demands respect for the organization, as many people feared for their lives at the early stages of the pandemic and the club was a huge aid to parents having to continue their full-time job to make ends meet.

To help make those in the club lives easier, I helped develop a platform that allows the use of technology to track attendance and mood, something very important across all parties involved in the…

Patrick Tierie

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